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Donut Artwork Examples

The following examples are of illustrations that I have created over the last few years. I would encourage you to look through the details to help with the filling in of the personalisation stage of the process. All of them have been supplemented with additional photos so I have an idea of hair styles and general build.

Example Donut Family Portrait | The Melville Clan

The Melville Clan

John: 6', slim build, no hair, golf trousers in 'Melville' tartan, golf shirt with 'Two Moons' golf resort logo, white Nike golf shoes.

Accessories: golf club, golf hole with Jamaican flag (reference to time spent living in Jamaica).

Jane: 5'8", slim build, dark brown short curly/spikey hair, lilac tunic with 'Lavender Rooms' aromatherapy logo (own business while living in Jamaica), black trousers, lilac pumps to match tunic.

Accessories: 2 x packing boxes with 'Lavender Rooms' logo.

Johnny: age 9, slim build, short dark/mousy blond spikey hair, Manchester United football kit, green football boots.

Accessories: football

Jimmy: age 7, slim build, short curly blond hair, Manchester City football kit, bright yellow football boots.

Accessories: football

Pets: 2 fighting guinea pigs. 1 dark brown and white, the other pale brown and white.

Example Donut Family Portrait | Mr and Mrs Barlow

Mr and Mrs Barlow

John: 5'8", broad shouldered, short spikey brown hair with shaved sides, 5 o'clock shadow, navy blue wedding suit with waistcoat, white shirt, maroon tie, pink pocket hankie, button hole flowers and navy blue Adidas trainers.

Jane: 5'6", curvy, brown hair - up do with side curls. Lace wedding dress, brides bouquet and jewelry details taken from wedding photo supplied. Pink adidas trainers to match groom's.

Accessories: 'Love' letters used as prop with professional wedding photos.

Example Donut Family Portrait | Mr and Mrs Jackson

Mr and Mrs Jackson

John: 6'2", slim build, short brown hair shaved at sides, 5 o'clock shadow. Black wedding suit with waistcoat, black shirt. Superhero print tie and pocket hankie. Black shoes.

Jane: 5'9", curvy, long wavy hair with bangs. Lace wedding dress, brides bouquet and jewelry details taken from [Superhero themed] wedding photo. High heeled pumps in superhero print fabric.

Example Donut Family Portrait | The Rodgers Family

The Rodgers Family

John: 6', crew cut and thin on top, beard/stubble. Mostly seen in jeans and t-shirt. Blue hooded jacket and white trainers.

Accessories: Likes golf and football. Red and white scarf. Blue and white wooly hat.

Jane: 5'5", very curly shoulder length brown hair, busty. Yellow jumper, blue leggings and stripey wellies. Khaki knee length coat and shamrock decorated scarf.

Accessories: Make reference to Irish roots. Like being outdoors as a family.

Jenny: age 6, tall for age, all legs, long light brown hair, tight jeans, purple jumper with pink star. Red puffy jacket and spotty wellies.

Accessories: Loves bike riding with Dad, comfort blanket (white linen with pastel coloured splodges).

Pet: Dalmation called Lottie, loves water and swimming, rubber ring around his middle.

Example Donut Family Portrait | The Shotton Clan

The Shotton Family

John: 6', medium build, short brown hair greying and shaved at sides, blue polo shirt, brown chinos, trainers.

Accessories: glasses, Arsenal scarf.

Jane: 5'3", curvy, long straight strawberry blond hair, lacy figure hugging dress, flower decorated sandals.

Accessories: glass of wine and 2 bottles of red wine.

Jenny: 5'7", curvy, long straight blond hair, pale green v necked short sleeved top, white skirt with front pockets, pale brown high heeled sandals.

Accessories: gin and tonic, gold quilt backed mobile phone in pocket.

Jilly: 5'5", curvy, long wavy dark brown hair with purple ombre. Grey cardigan, white t-shirt with 'Empower Women' logo on front, blue turned up slim jeans and lilac trainers.

Cat 1: Fluffy long haired white with ginger and black markings. Likes to sleep in the fruit bowl. Place next to John.

Cat 2: Black short haired with white markings. Place next to Jenny.

Cat 3: White short haired with ginger markings. Place next to Jilly on a 'Reserved for Dad' cushion.

Example Donut Family Portrait | The Jones Clan

Mr & Mrs Jones

John: 5'8", medium build, short slightly spikey dark brown hair. Brown t-shirt with 'Rip Curl' logo, blue long shorts, blue trainers.

Accessories: Can of Castlemaine XXXX lager. Fishing tackle box, can of worms and fishing rod with tiny fish. Caption "It was this big!"

Jane: 5'3", curvy, long wavy black hair. Brown t-shirt with 'Hard Rock Cafe' logo, pale grey cropped trousers and decorative sandals.

Accessories: Nurse's medical case, stethoscope and thermometer. Crossing kangaroo road sign - display mileage from UK to Australia.